Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I know I've been neglecting to post, and my guilt has started to creep up on me. I've been in a funk since my last post. I miss my husband and I'm just trying to get through life until he returns. My kids have decided to alter their bed times, so that really messes with my work schedule. I am usually very strict with their bed times, but it has become apparent that they needed to make a change that works better with their circadian rhythms. One I get my kids into bed, there are chores to do and I have to eat... by then I'm left with an hour or two before I have to hit the hay.

My day is now more peppered with work while child rearing, so I can sneak a little more work in rather than only working a couple hours a day. Hopefully soon I will have more stuff up in the store, so keep a look out!

What's on my needles: Chicken hats, ZOMG! Also, a custom project I can't talk about because it's a big secret! Also, more jewelry, and it has to do with roses!


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